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With the display function of B, 2B, BM, M, 4B. in B/M, M mode, the scanning velocity is adjustable;

With 8 level multiplication and part magnification.

Set total gain, brightness, contrast adjusting, and adjust 8 TGC at each level. Puncturing guide function can proof the position of puncturing thread.

Can measure distance, area, heart, and volume and gynecology table, can measure heart rate directly.

The users can save 1024 images permanently. This machine supports 192 frame cine memories.

The image are with the functions of up/down, right/left inv.

Set total gain, brightness, contrast adjusting, adjust 8 TGC at each level.

Having the function of Puncturing.

Cove the function of color interface and rainbow.

Have the function of body mark and annotation.

Has the function of preset. You can set the time, hospital name, measurement formula and rainbow.

Scanning mode: Convex /linear/micro-convex array of electronics

Work frequency: 2.5-7.5 MHz

Probe: 3.5 MHz convex array frequency changeable

Monitor: 10 inch XGA color monitor

Scanning width: convex array 60o

Scanning depth: 170 mm~230mm(depends on probes)

Gain range: 39-99dB can be adjusted continuously

Scanning velocity: 30 f/s

Gray scale: 256

Vertical resolution≤1 mm

Horizontal resolution ≤2 mm;

Geometrical position error: ≤4%

Power requirement: AC 90~240V,Frequency: 50Hz±2%Hz


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