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Real face to clinical ultrasound diagnosis.
Simple the complex operating process.
Fully match the requirements of the most practical clinical functions.
With solutions of updatable digital system
Scanning Techniques Electronic linear scanning; Convex scanning; Annular array sector scanning; Doppler pencil probes
Scan Mode 2D (B mode), TM (M mode), PW, CW.CFM
Display Mode Single frame B/ Dual-frame B/ Quad-frame B
Cine-loop 282 2D images, 128 color images
Gray Scale;
Color Shade 
256 white-black gray scale
128 color shade
3D reconstruction technology: provide most practical 3D reconstruction software packing
Digital image file management and network communication system
80G main unit hard-disk, disk and CD memory, USB connector, DICOM output and input
Ultrasound workstation
Probe connector : 3
17 inches high-resolution color monitor
Probes Probes for abdomen; cardiology; small parts; perivascular; galactophore; paediatric; muscle cadre; endocavitary (vaginal, rectum), transcranial. Common probes can together with piercing shelf.
Probe characteristic----exceed wide frequency band (1.5-18MHz), multi-frequency
Probe types----Convex; Linear; Annular sector; Pencil
Probe application----multi-frequency; multi-technology (M.M.T)

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