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Product - X-RAY - XM-F100DC


X-ray Generator

Stationary anode, double focus, and bridge silicon rectification. The X-ray generator is an oil-immersed self-cooled unit.

Max rated capacity

Fluoroscopy:  75kVp, 3mA

Current    15mA       30mA       60mA      100mA
Voltage    90kVp      90kVp      90kVp      80kVp
Time        6.3s         6.3s         4.0s         3.2s

Power supply

Voltage:  180~240V; Frequency:  50Hz
Power:  not lower than 7kVA; Resistance:  not larger than 1Ω

Voltage adjustment range of X-ray tube

45~90kVp, continuous adjustment

Range of the timer


Fluorescent screen size

356 mm × 356 mm

Distance between the focus to the screen

max:  830 mm; min:  630 mm

Tube head carriage movement range

vertical:  1100 mm;  horizontal:  260 mm

Beam limiter

field coverage at 100 cm FFD, 45×45 cm (max); 0×0 cm (min)

Specification of X-ray tube

Model XD4 2.9/100 fixed anode, double focus 1.8/4.3mm

Movement of the tabletop


Field size of spot film device

127mm×178mm (1 pc); 203mm×254mm (1 pc);
1/2 (127mm×178mm) (2 pcs)

Transport dimension (L×W×H) (mm)


Weight (kg)

Net:  404 / Gross: 550


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