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Product - X-RAY - XM-F52-8C



Kvp Range

 Radiography 40 ~ 150KVp

mA Range

 Radiography 25 ~ 630mA

Time Range

 Radiography 1.0 ms ~ 5000ms

Lowest Current Time

 0.5 mAs

3-Phase Power Supply


Power Frequency

 50Hz±1Hz / 60Hz±1Hz

Power Capacity


X-ray Tube

Rated Voltage


Rated Focal Spot Value


Anode Heat Storage Capacity


Heat Storage of Tube Assembly


Radiographic Table

Table Surface (L×W×H)

2100×800×650 mm

Table Surface Moving Range

Vertical:  900mm; Horizontal:  240mm

Table Surface Lock Mode

electromagnetic lock, braking force≥100N

Table Surface Lock Control

foot switch (permanent on status)

Grid Dimension

356mm × 432mm ( 14"×17")

Filter Vibrating Mode


Dimension of The Film used in Filter

Max. 356mm × 432mm (14"×17") (17" film can only be used in table vertical direction

Source Assembly Stand

X-Ray Tube components Up-and-Down Motion Range


Movement Range Between Tube Focus and Film


X-Ray Tube Assembly Vertical Motion Range


X-Ray Radiation Component Rotating Range Around Support Arm Axis

 -120° ~ +120°

X-Ray Radiation Component Rotating Range Around the Vertical Axis of the Stand

 0° ~ ±90° and 90° mechanical positioning lock

X-Ray Tube Assembly Locking Force

 Electromagnetic locking braking force ≥ 100N


Mode of Adjustment


Radiation Field

450×450mm [Max SID = 100cm]; 2×2mm [Min SID = 100cm]

Time Limit of the Light Source


Ion Chamber

Sensitivity Per Measuring Field

60-80 pC/uGy

Difference Of The Measuring Field


Dose Rate Range

0.5-1000 uGy/s

Exposure Dose Range



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