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Product - X-RAY - XM-R500


The basic configuration comes with a floor-mounted tube stand

The very slim profile of the floor rail reduces interference with personnel or stretchers moving through the room to a minimum

Futhermore, the entire system does not require any wall or ceiling attachments, making for trouble free and easy installation.

This series systems are equipped with HF generators with power level from 30 to 50kW, depending on your requirements in terms of application and workload.

All the units have integrated APR (Anatomic Programs) to reduce parameter setup times and maximize your workflow.

Main Unit


380 (±10%) V




50Hz ± 1Hz




30kHz ± 1Hz

Max. output

500 mA / 100 kV / 50 mAs


40~150 kV (50steps)



1.0~250 (47 steps)




  T17K                             T17F

Tabletop Height

750mm                        700mm

Tabletop longitudinal movement

550mm                        550mm

Tabletop transverse movement

230mm                        230mm

Wall stand longitudinal movement

1570mm                      1570mm

Column rotation

Nil                                360o

Tube rotating around Y axis

-20°~+120°                   -20°~+120°

Bucky device movement

810mm                         550mm

X-ray tube Vertical movement range

≥1150mm                    ≥1300mm    

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