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Features 15 inch LCD (abbr. Liquid Crystal Display) 
Multi-frequency probes 
Real-time zooming 
128-frame cineloop 
Multi-segment TGC adjustment 
Imaging Processing Part zoom in real time, gray curve control, STC curve, edge enhancement, dynamic range, frame correlation, 256 gray scale, image reverse function 
Pre-processing: multi-segments TGC adjustment, frame correlation, image direction 
Post-processing: left/right, up/down, positive/negative 
Zoom: magnification (4 steps) 
Cine loop: 128 frames 
Software Functions General measurement: distance, circumference, area, oval, trace, volume, HR, gestational week 
Obstetric measurement soft: GS, CRL, BPD, AC, HC, FL, AFI, EDD, and calculating fetus weight, pregnancy week, expected delivery date, fetal physiological rating according to the previous measurements 
Peripheral Ports VGA port 
PAL-D video output
Image mode  B, B/B, B+M, M, 4B, 8B
Scanning mode Convex and linear array
Multi-frequency probe 2.5~8.5 MHz
Image magnification ×1.0, ×1.2, ×1.5, ×2.0.
Electronic focus Acoustic lens focus, single focus and multiple focus
Max display depth 220mm
Depth enhancement Yes
Local zoom Yes
Frame correlation function Yes
Adjustment total gain and dynamic range Yes
Gray Scale 256
Display 15 inch LCD
Gain Control 6-segment STC segmentation control,  full gain control
Probe connectors 1 (standard)
Cine Loop 128 frames
Scanning frequency 2.5~8.5 MHz (depends on probes)
Image reverse Left/right, up/down, positive/negative
Comment Name, Age, Sexnumber of patient recorder, diagnostic date, 24 markers of body location, remarks in full screen
Body marks 18
Gray Scale Conversion γ rectification
Pseudo Color Function 8 colors
Power supply 110-240V AC, 50Hz±1Hz
Power consumption ≤100VA
Dimensions 380x285x110mm (LxHxM)
Net weight approx. 6.8kg
Standard Configuration Main unit 
15 inch LCD (abbr. Liquid Crystal Display) 
128-frame cine loop 
one probe connectors 
3.5MHz electronic convex probe (2.5/5.0MHz)
Optional Electronic transvaginal probe (5.0/7.5MHz)
High-frequency linear probe (6.5/8.5MHz)
Thermal printer

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