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Product - VENTILATOR - PA-400A


Power supply: AC220V+22V 50HZ+1HZ  Output power: ≤28VA

Frequency: 10~150 breaths/min

I/E ratio: 1:1, 1:1.5, ~1:3 and inverse ratio

Driving Pressure: 0~60KPa

Pressure Atomizer Rate: ≤6ml/h

Relative humidity: ≤80%   Temp: 5-40℃

Process Ventilation: T=10min

Pro I: f(150): f(35)=7:3

Pro II: f(35): f(150)=7:3

Storage Battery: 4Ah,Automatic charge when 12V

SIGH: 6 breaths/min

Alarm: Alarm when battery voltage is lower than 11V, alarm lasts 6 seconds if no oxygen. Alarm with audible signals

and flashing light when the airway pressure is over 0.8KPa

CPAP: 0~0.5KPa  ※ PEEP:0~0.20KPa

Oxygen Concentration Adjustable: 21%~100%

Jetting volume range: 0~600ml/time

Pressure Regulator Limit: 0.2MPa

Ventilation Mode: HFJV (High Frequency Jet Ventilation), CPAP (Continuous positive airway pressure), HFJV+PEEP (Positive End-Expiratory Pressure), HFJV+SIGH (Sigh), Process ventilation I and Process ventilation II.


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